What’s coming up in 2023?

After a time of family recess in 2022, Reminisce Connect will continue the work of bridging relationships with the elderly, including persons living with dementia. In 2023, we aim to move towards meeting the spiritual needs of the Seniors and their caregivers. You can look forward to Gospel through Reminiscence, a 12-week reminiscence sessions covering a range of topics from identity; relationships; growth; the abundant life; love; life choices and etc.

Reminisce Connect has a new addition to the team, making a family of three. We welcome our son, John Enoch. John is a high school graduate and is currently pursuing his interest and studies in video photography and editing, online content creation and digital marketing. John will help in the documentation of the reminiscence sessions.

John putting his photographic skills into practice during the Reminiscence Arts in Dementia Care
Training at the Bathway Theatre, Woolwich, United Kingdom by the European Reminiscence
Network (ERN), 19-20 January 2023.

To further equip ourselves in this work, Arthur and John attended the Reminiscence Arts in Dementia Care course at the Bathway Theatre, Woolrich, London in January 2023 under the tutelage of the eminent Pam Schweitzer, Founder of the the European Reminiscence Network (ERN).

Arthur, John and Pat with Pam Schweitzer (extreme right), Founder of the European
Reminiscence Network (ERN) and her associates Sue Heiser (extreme left) and Caroline Baker

Patricia continues to reach out to the elderly as an Assessor of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Integrated Care for Older Persons (ICOPE) where she finds meaning in co-creating with the Seniors, each with a customised health care plan and following up on them.

The family trio will present at the coming European Reminiscence Network Conference in Amsterdam (30 Sep to 1 Oct 2023) on Dementia and Spirituality. We will share their reflection on working with seniors living with dementia, including the care staff and chaplains at a Christian Senior Day Care Centre in Singapore.  It works on the presupposition that though the body and mental faculty may wear away with time, the elderly, including those living with dementia, have an intrinsic capacity within their inner being to connect with God. Hence, these reminiscence sessions aim to provide the link for this connectivity.  Together with the use of reminiscence arts activities, Dementia and Spirituality aims to promote and enhance the well-being of the elderly with this celebration :  We are all made beautiful in God’s eyes. Each of us is engraved on the palm of His hand.  He will never forget us.   

Reminisce Connect has earlier commissioned Salt and Light Media to script a movie, centering on the lives of persons living with dementia and their caregivers in a home care setting. The script is adapted from true life stories of individuals whom we have met and worked with. We are seeking partnerships with film agencies and curriculum developers who might be interested to produce and direct this movie and make it accessible to members of the public; higher institutions of learning; and also around the region for advocacy in dementia and spirituality.