The following line-up for 2020 Take off your CAP! 4th Run at the Family of Wisdom (Bendeemer), ADA from 9 Oct to 11 Dec. A 10-week group group reminiscence sessions where persons living with dementia and caregivers come together to reminisce past events, experiences and people with fond memories!
A Re-enactment of the School Years!
Reminiscence Arts in Dementia Care for SUSS Gerontology Seminar Series – 29 September, 10am-1pm . By invitation only.
Journey with Arts and Dementia Toolkit Training – 7 January (2nd Run), 21 Aug (3rd Run). Please contact ADA, Miss Wong Sze Chi : for more information and registration
Take off your CAP! ” – Part II. A 12-week Group and One-to-One Reminiscence Sessions for Persons with Dementia and their carers. The reminiscence themes: Valentine’s Day, Music Retro Spin, From Charcoal to Gas, Beauty World, Transport, Jurong Drive-in, Home Remedies, Movies and Television, High Tea and Fashion, Having Grandchildren, Retirement. Venue: ADA Family of Wisdom Bendemeer. Every Thursday starting 27 Feb – 18 June (postponed till further notice in view of COVID-19). Registration is closed.
The following programme were lined up for 2019: The European Reminiscence Network International Conference, Dublin, Ireland, May 1-4 in 2019.  The main themes will be reminiscence arts in dementia care and reminiscence theatre. Speakers from Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and Singapore.   Reminisce Connect, Patricia Lee, will present on Take off your CAP! The Singapore Experience based on two pilot runs on the use of reminiscence arts in engaging persons living with dementia and their carers at the Family of Wisdom (Bendemeer), Alzhemier’s Disease Association (ADA) The Theatre of Memory – programme conference Dublin. docx Take-off your CAP! Facilitators’  Training.  Date: Saturday, 7 September  2019 , Shalom Reformed  Baptist Church
Reminiscence Work Amongst Elderly Sharing Session on 27 Jan 2019
Take-off your CAP!  A six-week  fortnightly group reminiscence sessions involving family carers and their elderly loved ones leading to Christmas celebration.  Venue: Shalom  Reformed Baptist Church.  Date:  Sunday Oct-Dec 2019
Reminiscing Chinese New Year Session, 2018
Campus Outreach by Ngee Ann Polytechnic Office of Service-Learning : Engaging the Elderly through Reminiscence Sharing Session.  Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2019, 6pm.  Venue: LT51c, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Inter-generational Reminiscence On-the -Job Training, June 2018
Bridging Relationships with the Elderly through Reminiscence. Date: Sunday, 27 January 2019 ; Time:  11-4pm.  Venue: Shalom Reformed Baptist Church (Source:  RC, TOYC Run 1, Having Babies and Raising Children Session) Take-off Your CAP (Couples) Batch 3 !  A 17 one-hour group reminiscence sessions with elderly couples to rediscover their happy moments together.  Date: Feb-Oct 2019, every alternate Thursdays.  Venue: Family of Wisdom (Bendemeer), ADA (Source:  RC, TOYC Run 1, Wedding and Marriage Session) Take-off Your CAP!  Once upon a time, Singapore.  A monthly alumni reminiscence meeting comprising 10 sessions covering the following themes:  Fire Crackers; From Charcoal to Gas; Beauty World; Trolley Buses, Steam Ships and Twin-propeller planes; Jurong Drive-in;  Happy 200th Birthday Singapore; Home Remedies; Por Por & Gong Gong; Happy Holidays. Date:  Every first Tuesday of the Month (starting July 2019. TBC) Venue:  Bendemeer FOW (Source: RC, TOYC Run 1, Starting Work Session) TOYC Batch 1 Alumni Year-end Gathering, 29 Dec 2018.  Retro-spin Night @ Mr and Mrs Mak’s Residence (Completed)
TOYC Batch 1, 2nd Alumni Meeting, 29 Dec @ Mr & Mrs Mak’s Residence
Take off Your CAP!  (Teochew Group) Batch 2, 7 Aug -23 Oct 2018. Venue: ADA Family of Wisdom, Bendemeer (Completed)
TOYC Batch 2 (Teochew Group) Graduation, Aug-Oct 2018
Take off Your CAP!  National Day Celebration, 4 August 2018, 10-12.30pm.  Venue: ADA Family of Wisdom, Bendemeer  (Completed)
TOYC Batch 1 Alumni Meeting, National Day 4 Aug, 2018
Tell Me Your Story Ma!  Workshop for Carers of TOYC Batch 1,  Aug-Sep 2018  9-11am.  Venue: ADA FOW Bendemeer & 360 Dunearn (Completed) Use of Reminiscence in Engaging the Elderly, 24  July 2018, 9.00am-5pm.  Venue: 360@360 Dunearn Road ,  Level 1. Singapore 299552   (Completed)
  • ADA Staff and Volunteers’ Appreciation Night, 21  July 2018, 6.30am-9pm.  Venue: 360@360 Dunearn Road ,  Dining Room. Singapore 299552
  • Bridging Relationships with the Elderly, Facilitators’ Training.  18 June 2018, 9.30am-5pm.  Venue: 360@360 Dunearn Road ,  Level 1. Singapore 299552.  
Source: Eric Kwan
  • Volunteers training for “Take off your CAP!” sessions.  Highly facilitative and hands-on training for volunteers coming on board to help in group reminiscence work among persons with dementia and their family carers.           5 Feb & 12 Feb 2018, 9.30am-noon.  Venue: 360@360 Dunearn Road ,  Basement, Transform Room. Singapore 299552.  
Source: Eric Kwan
  • Volunteers’ Briefing Session, Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 10am at 360 Dunearn
  • Sharing session on Lessons Learnt from  “Remembering  Yesterday, Caring Today”    (by the European Reminiscence Network) Nov 17 Conference  and Jan 18 Training held in Greenwich University, London on reminiscence work with persons with dementia by Patricia Lee.   26 Feb 2018, 10am -Noon. (Postponed till further notice.) Venue: 360@360 Dunearn Road Singapore 299552.  Fee: Free.   Please register at:  
Source: Karen Meenan
  • “Take off your CAP!” Batch 1  – CAP stands for Curated Archives of a Person’s Belongings.  From 13 Mar – 12 June 2018, this is a  12-week  pilot-run group reminiscence sessions for family carers and persons with early stage of dementia  at  the Family of Wisdom Centre, ADA.
Let’s talk about Pa and Ma’s Wedding Certificate (Source: Artnpat)
  • “Tell me your Story Pa and Ma!” Workshop for family carers /professionals/volunteers who want to learn the skills of collecting their parents’ and the elderly’s life stories.   5 Nov  2017, 9.00am -5pm 360 @360 Dunearn Road Singapore 299552.  Please register at: 
Source: Artnpat
Tell Me Your Story  Workshop Date:     Wednesdays, 20 Sep & 27 Sep 2017 Time:     9.30am -12.30pm Venue:  360 @ 360, Dunearn Road, Singapore 299552 “Tell me Your Story…” Participants (Source: Eric Kwan) Group 1: Lewis, Annie, Joseph and Mak (Source: Eric Kwan) Group 2: Eileen, Gillian, Audrey and Eric (Source: Eric Kwan) Group 3: John, Suh Juan, Mei and Joseph (Source: Eric Kwan)
Group 4: Siew Tin, Poh Ling,  Deena and Debbie (Source: Eric Kwan) Group 5:  Sook Fung,  Jenny,  Mary and Oi Ching (Source: Eric Kwan)