What We Do

Welcome to Reminisce Connect and join us in building a community of cheerful and joyful elderly in Singapore through bridging relationships:

– caregivers with their loved ones

– professionals with their clients

– elderly-to-fellow elderly

“Take off your CAP!” involves  group reminiscence activities while “Tell Me Your Story!” is a one-to-one reminiscence initiative to help deepen relationships.


Take off your Cap! is a 12-week group reminiscence program targeted at family carers and professionals working with the elderly in institutions or centres.  At the end of this program, participants will appreciate the use of role play and artifacts such as photographs, oral history interviews, audio visual materials, music and art in engaging the elderly in a group setting.  They will also learn how to use the Curated Archives of the Person’s belongings (CAP) as a resource tool to trigger the elderly senses, stimulate memories of the past and encourage the elderly to tell their stories, voice their opinions and share their feelings.


Tell me your Story Pa and Ma!” is one-to-one reminiscence program  targeted at family caregivers/volunteers/professionals who want to learn the skills of connecting and communicating with the elderly through interviewing and recording their life story.  At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to craft appropriate interview questions and apply good interviewing techniques skills with the elderly. The interview process will help them recollect and reflect on their life experiences for the purpose of restructuring negative life events and affirming positive ones leading to the discovery of their self-worth.